Unique experiences

Telecom and antennas. 

During the last couple of years, Gaston Components has been working closely together with leading companies within the 5G segment. Throught this cooperation we have gathered unique knowledge and experiences surrounding the manufacturing of antennas, adapters etc. 

We have the possibility to machine small geometries through the use of mills down to a diameter of 0,2mm. This combined with highspeed spindels with an rpm of up to 90.000rpm, we can achieve good results on these types of components. 

At Gaston Components we keep extra focus on this type of components, and we have a couple of machines dedicated to manufacturing of prototypes and small batch production of antennas etc. with short lead times. 

For further information about antennas and telecom, contact our production manager, Peter Weisheit by phone +46334005282 or by e-mail peter.weisheit@gaston-components.com